Fiesta Book

Design for print is perhaps what In Color has been doing longest. Since 1990 when we acquired our first Canon Color Laser Coper and Iris Graphics printer, In Color has been making creative designs that work technically in print. Just a couple years later, we purchased a Scitex Dolev PS imagesetter, with which we made hundreds of color separations monthly for international publications. Creating graphic designs that separate and print correctly requires an understanding of ink limits, trapping, bleeds, dot gain, builds, knockouts and overprints.

In Color can produce your graphic designs from start to finish, or we can work directly with your in-house designers to assist with the technicalities, so they can focus on the creative. For over ten years, we have been providing designs weekly to Nederlander Concerts, a company who runs dozens of newspaper ads with deadlines set in concrete. Sometimes working through the night is the only option to meet these types of deadlines, and In Color is there to offer this type of flexibility.

There are many creative talents who can make a design that looks great on their display. Most of our customers, however, apt for no-drama talent with the production experience to ensure the design works the first time on press with no costly surprises. Our extensive print experience includes both lithography and serigraphy.