Tuesday, 20 May 2014 00:00

Medical website for SB-Global

Long-time client Ground Zero Software has expanded their reach of medical tracking and analysis software again. First targeting physicians and clinicians of AIDS patients, GZS later expanded into the Hemaphilia market. Now, they've branched out to include the Spina bifida market, as well, with their new company, SB-Global.

In all three cases, In Color has been there for GZS to develop their online presence. Along with In Color associate, John Hollis, we are happy to announce the go-live of spinabifidaehr.com. Mr. Hollis worked as the project manager and copywriter on this project, as he did with the other two GZS sites. He has worked with In Color on successful projects dating back to 1999.

This new website is designed to look and feel similar to GZS's existing two websites, labtracker.com and hemaglobal.com. In Color developed the logos and websites for all three.

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Wednesday, 19 February 2014 14:47

ERGCalifornia.com Goes Live

Together with our affiliate, Terrain Consulting, In Color has taken our latest developed website, ERGCalifornia.com, live. This website is a public relations project designed to exemplify the benefits that a well-run energy company contributes to the local society and economy.

Terrain Consulting is a public affairs company in Santa Barbara, specializing in building relationships between its clients and the social community. In the construction of this website, Terrain provided client relations services, project management and copy writing skills, while In Color produced the photography, graphic design and programming.

This website utilizes the latest HTML5-compliant, Responsive Width design, allowing for a single layout, together with appropriate programming, to re-purpose itself for a multitude of different screen widths. This concept is important for today's websites, as a single layout template serves for screen-widths from a large computer display, to a small-width tablet display, to a single column smart phone display.

The site also utilizes a dynamic multimedia slider on the home page.

Check it out at http://ergcalifornia.com

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Tuesday, 03 December 2013 00:00

GregYoungPublishing.com Version 3 Live

Now in our thirteenth year of working with Greg Young Publishing, we have gone live with the third major version of GregYoungPublishing.com.

The new website has gotten a complete makeover, now utilizing a responsive layout. Responsive web design allows a website to be viewed at multiple widths, optimized for virtually any device. Drag the corner of the browser window and change widths, and you will see the objects re-arrange themselves to fit the window size without requiring horizontal scroll-bars. Additionally, when viewed on a tablet or smart phone, certain elements are hidden or swapped out for versions optimized for the particular device (i.e. the menu or logo).

In addition to a new, responsive layout, the new GYP website utilizes a more current design style, opting for simple, elegant features, rather than the passé, three dimensional look of yesteryear. The store area has now been made the premiere section of the website, the shopping experience improved in simplicity. There's also a easy-to-navigate, single-page checkout.

The enhanced security certificate adds an extra level of shopper confidence. Note that while the Licensing section now includes the updated look and feel, this section is still not truly responsive in design. We hope to complete that process soon.

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Sunday, 07 July 2013 00:00

larsenfinehomes.com Goes Live

In Color is happy to announce the "go live" of a very classy and modern website for friend and client, Nils Larsen. Mr. Larsen is a contractor and builder based in Santa Barbara, but he does big projects all over the country.

Mr. Larsen's website, larsenfinehomes.com, features an animated slider on the home page, which is a little more dynamic than the typical slide show. These images were all taken by Mr. Larsen, but they were color-corrected and optimized by In Color.

Additionally, there's a portfolio page which links to Mr. Larsen's most interesting projects. Each project has it's own image gallery of photography supplied by the client. The copy was all written by long-time In Color affiliate, John Hollis, who has teamed with us on many different past projects.

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Thursday, 01 November 2012 20:49

thearlingtontheatre.com Upgraded

In Color has completed an upgrade to thearlingtontheatre.com. This heavily-trafficed website was running an older CMS platform, and we deemed it ready for a state-of-the-art upgrade. Originally built in 2006, this is the second major upgrade this site has undergone.

With its new platform comes some new plans, too. Over the next several months, we will be creating a mobile version to address the growing number of mobile users. This version will be formatted specifically for smaller devices and displays, while delivering important content along with our sponsor's advertisements, in a user-friendly way. We also plan on adding a subscription and notification system, so users can receive information and update alerts as we get them. We have received several requests for this feature over the last couple years.

Along with the upgrade, we decided to switch to a more modern theme. The new look is a big "edgy" while it still utilizes the basic layout struture we honed over many years of optimization. So the new site has the best of both worlds. If you frequent The Arlington Theatre, we hope you'll like the new resource.

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Today, In Color has officially gone live with our new web portal, designed specifically for Outrigger Canoe paddlers. Liliu.co is named after the biggest long-distance canoe race in the world. Lili'u is the nickname paddler's give to the race's namesake, the Queen Lili'uokalani Canoe Race.

The Lili'u takes place annually in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, during the Labor Day weekend. In Color has been working long and hard to get the site up and running before this year's race. We will be in Hawaii for the next couple weeks, shooting new race photos and promoting the website.

Please see the previous news post for more information about the custom logo designed for this project.

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