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ICDC (like ACDC in that we rock, but not like them in pretty much every other way)

In Color Digital Communities (ICDC) is a homegrown organization located right here in Santa Barbara, here on California's beautiful Central Coast. Created by two longtime UCSB grads, Art Fisher and Tom Widroe, ICDC was born out of a desire to help both our alma mater and our community in general by sharing our collective expertise in the world of online communications, specifically by building enterprise-level websites for those businesses, schools and non-profits which could not afford to do so otherwise.

Two Great Sites Means Your Banner Ads Are Working Hard to Get the Word Out About Your Business

ICDC websites are filled to the brim with great content that keeps visitors coming back again and again while they enjoy easy access to valuable information, world-class photography and editorials and opinion from both professional writers and members of our online communities. That's how we manage a half million of page views annually from visitors all over Santa Barbara, across the USA and throughout the world.

Revenue acquired through sponsorship opportunities helps to cover the hosting, licensing and maintenance costs associated with keeping these sites excellent resources.