Two banners run in rotation in this spot. Sponsorships

Two banners run in rotation in the Skyscraper spot.

One banner runs persistently in the Half Skyscraper spot.

Before you choose to sponsor, it's important to know a few things about this great opportunity to do something smart for your business and something good for the community.

With two hundred thousand page views annually,, is much more than just a calendar of the many fantastic events at this historic location. It's also an online resource for in depth show reviews, world class photography and perhaps the web's top destination for information about the renowned and hugely popular Santa Barbara International Film Festival. This site boasts over 400 unique pages of valuable content for its visitors, including over a thousand professionally shot photographs.

On, as you read this, thousands of visitors from right in Santa Barbara, all over the country and throughout the world, are making plans to see a big concert, lecture or attend the Santa Barbara Film Fest. They are purchasing their tickets using the site's live link to Ticketmaster and getting ready to spend their hard earned dollars in our community on things they love to do like eat at great restaurants, stay in comfortable hotels, shop at cool stores and shops and so much more.

More good news.  When you sponsor, the cost is low and the value is high.  That's right, only $119 per month or $1199 for either a large skyscraper or prominent marquee banner, each with two ads in rotation (only one other sponsor).

How in the heck do we manage to charge so little for a sponsorship? We do it by eliminating the paper work and letting you manage your sponsorship online. The sign up process is really easy to use and you can change your banner up to once a month.  You'll use your credit card to make the purchase and billing takes place monthly or annually depending on which plan you choose.

468x60 Marquee Sponsorship Banner

(means you like your business to be front and center)

Talk about getting in someone's face in a good way. Consider that a Marquee  sponsorship means your banner appears on every other page viewed right at the top, front and center in a place that viewers see each and every time they visit our site. Think of it this way, it's kinda like having front row tickets to your favorite band and all the fun and action is guaranteed to come your way.*

160x600 Skyscraper Sponsorship Banner

(means you made a very smart decision)

This banner appears conspicuously on the right or left side of every single page on the web site. At the size of 160x600 pixels, it's plenty big enough to get everyone's attention. This commitment is a super value. Just two of them run in rotation in a very prominent location next to the main content.*

160x300 Half Skyscraper Sponsorship Banner

A Half Is As Good As A Whole

Hmm, a half is as good as a whole? How's that you say? Here's how. When your sponsorship of includes a half skyscraper, it's good to know that this banner is not only one of a kind, it also happens to be mighty persistent. Persistent? How can a banner be persistent? After all, its just a banner. Here's how...unlike a full skyscraper or a marquis both of which run in rotation with one other sponsor's banner, this one stays put....that's stays put on each and every single, solitary page throughout the site. On the home page...there it is.  On the reviews page...yep, it's there again. On show schedule got it...the half skyscraper is letting the world know its a very big and important part of ever growing by leaps and bounds popularity of*

A Smart Deed is A Good Deed

Remember, when you sponsor, you not only do something smart for your business, you also help support the only web site for this historic theater. Professionals volunteer their time and expertise to contribute fabulous content in the form of show reviews and great photos. The site has become world class in less than three year's of existence and that quality is supported in no small part by you, the business owner, making the commitment to reach your customers using one of the very best local web sites in Santa Barbara County.

The Super Easy Way to Sponsor (just as we promised in one of those paragraphs above).

Click on one of the SUBSCRIBE buttons to the right to get started.  After you check out, you'll feel great while being directed to a page where you'll get detailed instructions about preparing and sending your banner. If you don't have a banner, we'll build one for you for only $99.


Not that you'd ever want to, but it's worth pointing out that you can cancel your subscription at anytime. Upon cancellation, your banner will continue to run long enough to fulfill your current paid term. To cancel or update your credit card information, click the Manage My Subscription button to the right.

* NOTE: Conditions subject to change with advance notice. Your conditions will never change during the term of your subscription, so choose Annual to lock in these low prices.