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GauchosPlay 3.0 Goes Live

08 September 2011

In Color Digital Communities, is pleased to announe the offical go-live of the newly streamlined version of our website, Throughout a long campaign to complete the litany of reference data necessary for successful adoption of the site, our student team has significantly fulfilled that task.

In Color wishes to thank the student team leaders, Rochelle Farnum, John Batikian and Zac Weinberg. A big thank you also goes to Kelsey Gagliardi and Julian Stahl. truly is now a mature Content Management System, rich with important content, specifically for UCSB Recreational Sports. Site admins efficietly oversee all content while program and team leaders have access to their respective microsites. Simply put, the administrative hierarchy makes it easy for content to reamin fresh and pertinent.

UPDATE: For the first month of the 2011 Fall Quater, traffic has doubled year-over-year!