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About Us

In Color was conceived in 1986 by Principal A. Arthur Fisher while studying Mechanical Engineering at UC Santa Barbara. The Desktop Publishing revolution was in its infancy.

Santa Barbara, California

In Color began as a graphic design service bureau in Santa Barbara in the pre-Internet days. In just a few years, In Color grew to a staff of a dozen professionals, including graphic designers and highly skilled technicians, to run our comprehensive array of digital graphics production equipment. You needed a specialist and expensive equipment to make a color print in those days.

We serviced businesses in graphic design, advertising, publishing, public relations, real estate, communications, photography, interior design, aerospace, Biomed, and government.
Companies including Quicksilver, Roxy, Big Dogs Sportswear, UCSB, Delco, Raytheon, Balance Foods, Por La Mar Nursery, ACMI Circon, Santa Barbara Independent, Santa Barbara Bowl, and Vandenberg Airforce Base utilized our services regularly. During the 1990s, In Color had acquired more than two thousand clients. In 2000, the company refocused itself into a smaller firm dedicated to a few of the original customers.

Today, In Color still specializes in digital media. We have added aerial & ground photography/videography, web application and website programming, and network/server security to our range of core competencies.


Seriously Impressive

Seriously Impressive

What you put together is seriously impressive, great presentation and layout.

– Derek Thiele

Visual Delight

Visual Delight

I just wanted to say thank you so much for creating a visual delight that FULLY compliments the logo!! Way to go Art!!

– Greg Young
Greg Young Publisihing