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In Color was conceived by A. Arthur Fisher, back in 1986, while he was attending UC Santa Barbara for a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.

Having grown up in Silicon Valley, Mr. Fisher took his first programming class as a child in 1978, and even from those early days, he began a life-long fascination with computers and computer graphics. In the 1980s, the use of computers in graphic design was in its infancy. Mr. Fisher jumped in with both feet, gravitating towards the print aspect of digital media. Shortly afterward, in those pre-Internet days, he had started a graphic design service bureau in downtown, Santa Barbara.

Within a few years, his company, In Color, had grown to a full-time staff of a dozen professionals, from graphic designers to highly-skilled technicians to run In Color's comprehensive array of digital graphics equipment. Clients included businesses in graphic design, publishing, communications, photography, interior design, manufacturing, garments, Biomed, and government. Quicksilver, Roxy, Big Dogs Sportswear, UCSB, Delco, Raytheon, Balance Foods, ACMI Circon, Santa Barbara Independent, Santa Barbara Bowl, and Vandenberg Airforce Base utilized our services on a regular basis.

During the 1990s, In Color had acquired more than two thousand clients. In 2000, Mr. Fisher sold In Color's operations to a start a new SAS technology company. Then in 2001, Mr. Fisher left that company to revive In Color, this time as a smaller firm, dedicated to a few of his older customers.

Today, In Color still specializes in digital media, but we have added photography, programming and network/server security to our range of core competencies.

Mr. Fisher, now involved in the concert industry for 20 years, serves as the in-house photographer for both the Santa Barbara Bowl and Arlington Theatre. He also has two large coffee table books published, one about Santa Barbara's Old Spanish Days – Fiesta celebration, and another about Santa Barbara's Summer Solstice Celebration.

Web Publishing & Web Applications

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Since the late 1990s, In Color has been at the forefront of Web Publishing. Mr. Fisher holds a GIAC Certification, with honors, in Network Security and Network Systems (GSEC) from the world-renowned SANS Institute. You can rest assured that we will couple your web designs with a thorough understanding of the Internet.

In Color has a proven record of delivering secure, state-of-the-art web applications that not only work as required, but they also look great!

In Color began working with Content Management Systems back in 2004. Although we still develop flat HTML/CSS websites, the Joomla! CMS and Fabrik Custom Application Builder have become our platforms of choice. We also have extensive experience with MediaWiki, WordPress, Grav, and Virtuemart; we are fluent in HTML, CSS, MySQL, PHP & JavaScript.

Digital Imaging & Digital Photography

We began our foray into Digital Imaging in the late 1980's after acquiring a pre-release copy of Adobe Photoshop 1.0. Even then, In Color was equipped with color computers and printers. By 1990 we had a flurry of workstations and scanners and had acquired our first Iris printer and Canon digital press. With the acquisition of our Scitex Smart Scanner in 1994, In Color raised the bar again.

In Color has been providing professional digital solutions for both studio & field photographers, graphic designers, and fine art publishers for nearly 30 years.


As members of Canon Professional Services, we are equipped with the highest-quality, most finely tuned camera gear money can buy. Our long list of satisfied customers evidences our truly creative talents and skills in photography. To see more, visit A. Arthur Fisher Photography.


Digital Printing



For nearly 30 years In Color has been a leader in the digital printing industry. With the installation of our first Iris printer in 1989, we became the first company in California's Central Coast to offer photographic-quality ink-jet prints. We have since owned, run and maintained dozens of different models of digital printers, from ink-jet giclée printers to high-speed, electrostatic, digital printing presses.

Our prints have been featured around the world in both large and small formats. We have print runs from a single to a million copies, from small labels to wall-sized murals, eight by fourteen feet.

If it can be printed, we can help you do it.

Graphic Design for Print

Fiesta Book

In Color was founded in Graphic Design.

A new era of publishing emerged in the 1990s, and In Color was there to lead the way. Our design department satisfied the needs of hundreds of customers each year. Because we had our own, in-house print-service bureau, we could raise the bar like few others.

Jump forward another decade or two, and you have In Color today: a mature design agency with a wealth of experience, tools, and a hefty portfolio. Over the years, our design clients included Roxy, Quicksilver, Banana Republic, Nederlander Concerts, Goldenvoice, and The Santa Barbara Bowl. Our work has been seen all over the world, including in Rolling Stone, The LA Times, AAA Westways Magazine, Sunset Magazine, Readers Digest, and The LA Weekly.

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