technicalIn Color is well versed in the technical aspects of Digital Visual Communications. With a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, principal, Mr. Fisher has a solid technical foundation from which he built In Color. We hold certificates from the SANS Institute (network security), Scitex (the inventors of digital publishing), Quark and Adobe. In Color has been an Apple Licensed Developer and a Palm/Symbol Licensed Developer. We are also members of Canon Professional Services.

Websites and Web Application Programming

At In Color, we don't just offer spiffy design, we have the technical skills to make the design reality.

Principal, Mr. Fisher, took his first computer programming class in 1979 and has since mastered many different computer languages, OSes and platforms. He personally maintains all of In Color's servers and prides himself on primarily utilizing Open Source Code projects to power In Color's projects. Open Source means there are no licensing fees, and the code is not only free to modify, it's also relied upon and scrutinized by the technical community for security vulnerabilities, the same massive community who is able to respond promptly to such issues.

Mr. Fisher obtained a certification in Network Security from the world renown, Security And Network Systems. In Color makes security a priority in all their programming projects.

As Web Technology Integrators, we keep up on all the latest web publishing techniques, plugins, components and modules. Our integral knowledge of Content Management Systems (CMSes), HTML, CSS and PHP gives us the ability to get everything working harmoniously together while looking as intended across multiple browsers and platforms.

See our portfolio of recent websites.

Unix & Cloud Server Configuration

In Color acquired our first Unix server in 1992 when we installed a Silicon Graphics, Iris Indigo to run our Canon Color Laser Copier. The following year, we installed a Scitex PS/2 workstation running IBM's AIX. We added six more Unix servers over the next several years. Even before Mac OS X began shipping, our Unix dossier had contained System V variants, Free BSD, Irix and Red Hat.

It was in 2001, however, that In Color upped the bar when principal, A. Arthur Fisher, attended the SANS Institute to acquire a certification in Network Security. His excellent marks led him to graduate at the 92nd percentile of his class. To achieve that level, Mr. Fisher was obligated to demonstrate a deep understanding of Unix network protocols, secure server configuration, and real world backup and restoration strategies. Mr. Fisher combined his new knowledge with his past experience in High Availability, acquired while working with his Internet startup, which was the first Application Service Provider (ASP) in the parking industry. Together, all this experience led to the formation of our Unix hosting services.

As Mac OS X continued to improve in flexibility and stability, In Color began migrating its hosted solutions from Red Hat Linux and Windows 2000 to Macintosh, relying on its solid, underlying Berkley Standard Distribution (BSD) Unix platform. By 2009, we were an all-Mac hosting provider. In an effort to increase flexibility, improve disaster recovery options and to decrease costs, in early 2011 In Color migrated most of its servers into the cloud, where we now utilize mostly Ubuntu Linux. Our onsite servers still run Mac OS X.


In Color can help you eliminate costly mistakes and bottlenecks by incorporating a mix of certified systems engineering, digital publishing workflow and secure, efficient network design. We hold certifications from Scitex and Iris, founders and leaders of the technology that powers today's workflows.

scitexIn 1994 In Color became an Adobe Authorized Service Provider and Quark Authorized Service Bureau. In 1995 we became members of the Scitex Graphic Arts Users Association and began attending annual conferences to participate in workshops about digital workflow management, color printing and production management.

We provide consulting services to many different types of publishers, improving workflow and color management policies, and removing network and equipment bottlenecks. Our goal is to increase your efficiency and save you money.

System & Network Engineering

Principal A Arthur Fisher received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from U.C. Santa Barbara with an emphasis in computer systems and programming. Mr. Fisher creates simple solutions to complex problems by integrating the best of leading technology. He has a wealth experience with many different computing platforms, including BSD Unix, SGI Irix, IBM AIX, Red Hat & Fedora Core Linux, Ubuntu Linux and Microsoft Windows. He is a Macintosh enthusiast who purchased his first Apple computer in 1979.

In 2001, Mr. Fisher earned a GIAC certification in Network Security from the world renown Security And Network Systems Institute (SANS). Since that time, network and system security has been an integral part of every installation performed by In Color.

We specialize in building and configuring systems & networks optimized for high-throughput. These types systems are required for efficient publishing systems, including fast RAID systems for processing lots of big photos and video, and high-bandwidth networks for storing and archiving those files.

Predictable Color Calibration

Having problems getting your inkjet printer to match your printing company's proofs? Or making your proofer match the press? How about getting your display to match your scanner or photo-quality printer?

With over 20 years of on-the-job color management experience, In Color has earned it's title as the Predictable, Repeatable Color Calibration Experts. Let us arrive on-site and calibrate your printers and proofers and displays with ICC color profiles, and we'll get them all to match each other. We won't just leave you there; we'll make sure you understand how Color Management works, help you set up your in-house color management policies, and teach you how to make your proofer match your local print house's sheetfed press, your online printer's digital press and the local 800 pound gorilla's newsprint.

If you're a photographer, we'll make sure your giclée printer's glossy paper output matches the same image printed on watercolor paper and canvas.


In Color offers Premium Managed Hosting tailored especially for its Content Management System (CMS) clients. These premium accounts are designed to make your experience with your CMS safe, secure, and trouble-free.

We also offer premium email hosting for those who want the absolute best. Our webmail interface is second to none, offering auto-configuration for most email, contact and calendaring applications, and we provide sophisticated spam filtering at the server level to minimize junk mail.

In Color became a digital Print Service Provider (PSP) in 1991 when we began offering digital proofing & fine art reproduction on our Iris printer and affordable digital color printing on our Canon Color Laser Copier (CLC). Iris Graphics pioneered high-fidelity, high-resolution, digital inkjet printing with predictable, accurate color control. And Canon pioneered affordable, high-speed color laser printing. Since then, principal, Art Fisher, has undergone two different certified training courses by Iris engineers, and exercised his training on a multitude of printers.

Over the last twenty years, In Color has installed and run dozens of different models of inkjet and electrostatic printers from all the top vendors, incorporating the full gamut of digital printing technologies. We are no stranger to predictable color and the science & art of both proofing and fine art reproduction. We have a thorough understanding of the entire process, including workflow, hardware, software, color management, paper and ink.

We have been authorized resellers for several different print hardware and software vendors, and have done installations and on-site calibration all over the state. Today we provide proofing & fine art printing to publishers, select artists, photographers and galleries throughout the country.

IPFWe currently host a Canon IPF8300 large format printer for our in-house fine art and proofing jobs. This machine features the LUCIA EX archival pigmented ink set, utilizing a 12-color, dual print head system with a total of 30,720 nozzles, and it prints on papers, canvases and other substrates up to 44 inches wide, though we often print larger widths in multiple sections. We keep this monster highly calibrated and are able to achieve archival prints which will last well over 100 years.