Video Production

Computer Display, Drone, and Camera

In Color specializes in the filming and production of short videos. 

We have recently focused our attention on the Santa Barbara real estate market. We've upped our game on equipment, incorporating new camera and lens technology maximized for this purpose. High-quality aerial photography and gimbal-suspended 4K cinema produce stunning home walkthroughs We can even film in 8K should the situation warrant special attention. 

logoFAA c494958cRenowned photographer, A. Arthur Fisher is licensed by the FAA to fly his drone commercially, day and night. We incorporate prominent real estate photographer, David Palermo, for the highest-quality architectural stills. Together, they represent 50 years of professional visual communication expertise.

Finish the project with our expert post-production, and you'll end up with a clever sales piece or exceptional documentary to represent your property in a complimentary light.

Below are some of the videos we've created over the years.

Mesa Near Douglass Preserve
180 Hermosillo
299 Edelberry
Rincon Point Real Estate Offering

Very simple graphics. This was an economy job.

Real Estate Leasing on Padaro Ln.

Very simple graphics. This was an economy job.

Larsen Fine Homes Building Project
Santa Barbara Location B-Roll Video Clips
Online Courseware PR Video
Political Advertisement
Pianos on State
Marketing Video (Fiesta Book)
Non-Profit Organization PR
Upcoming Miniseries Trailer
Film Production Company Bumper


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