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Why do I need to be compliant?

In 2022, the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) published Web Accessibility Guidance Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The DoJ emphasizes the importance of accessible websites, and the guidance ensures that individuals with disabilities have access to online information and services equally. The guidance aligns with the ADA's goal of fostering inclusivity and equal opportunities for people with disabilities in the digital realm.

WCAG compliance icons

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

Updating your website to ensure compliance doesn't need to be a scary proposition, but it's essential for the following reasons:

  • Legal Compliance

    Making the website WCAG compliant ensures legal adherence to accessibility standards, reducing the risk of lawsuits or legal issues related to accessibility non-compliance.

  • Expands Audience Reach

    An accessible website opens the business to a larger audience, including people with disabilities. Compliant websites can increase customer engagement, loyalty, and a broader market reach.

  • Enhances User Experience for All

    Accessibility improvements benefit not only individuals with disabilities but also enhance the overall user experience for everyone. A more user-friendly website can increase customer satisfaction and improve brand perception.

  • Provides Competitive Advantage

    Accessibility is a competitive advantage. A WCAG-compliant website can set your business apart from competitors, demonstrating a commitment to inclusivity and social responsibility.

  • Creates SEO Benefits:

    WCAG compliance can positively impact search engine optimization (SEO). Accessible websites often perform better in search rankings, potentially attracting more organic traffic.

  • Provides Long-Term Cost Savings:

    Investing in accessibility now can lead to long-term cost savings by avoiding potential legal fees, retrofitting expenses, and the need for major redesigns in the future.

  • Government and Grant Incentives:

    Potential government incentives, tax refunds, or grants are available to make your website accessible. Some regions offer financial support for accessibility improvements.

  • Emphasizes Inclusivity as a Core Value

    When you adopt accessibility as a core value, it aligns your business with societal expectations for companies to be socially responsible and inclusive.

Okay, I'm convinced. How do we proceed?

Roadmap for WCAG Compliance

  • Initial Website Scan

    We'll perform an initial scan of your website and see what needs fixing. At this point, we can estimate price.

  • Plan The Execution

    Who inside and/or outside the organization will takle which problems.

  • Fix and Test

    It may take several iterations of fixing problems until we have elimated all the major errors.

  • Install accessiBe

    In Color is an accessiBe authorized partner. This tool will help us fix the remaining issues, provide regular reporting to keep the website compliant, and give the site a user widget with ADA tools.

Message us today to get started!