In Color opened its doors to the public in Santa Barbara in 1990 after having already spent several years providing digital graphic design. With over twenty years of experience working with the best tools digital technology can offer, In Color has a foundational background that's hard to beat. During our tenure we have worked with hundreds of satisfied clients, from agencies to small businesses to corporate entities.

Website Development

In Color has been producing provocative websites since the late 1990's. In 2004, we made the jump into Content Management Systems, when we designed our then version of in the CMS pioneering Mambo platform. After the many of Mambo's developers defected to start the Joomla! platform, In Color followed them to this now rich and mature system (running this site). Though we still develop flat HTML websites, the Joomla! CMS and K2 CCK have become our platforms of choice. We also have experience with MediaWiki, WordPress and a few eCommerce platforms.

We have a deep understanding of Graphic User Interfaces and ergonomic usability. Several years ago principal, Mr. Fisher, took a week-long class in CSS. Cascading Style Sheets are the core of great visual design in modern websites. Today, smart CSS programming is the single biggest element which sets the greatly designed websites apart from the just average ones. Our designs do away with the old "built-on-tables," bloated-code methods used in the past.

Even though we pride ourselves on our graphic designs, we fully test our productions and make appropriate modifications to ensure your website looks great on Windows and Macintosh. We also know how to make a separate version of your site which is optimized for mobile devices, whether they are Flash capable or not.

See our portfolio of recent websites.

Fiesta Book

Design for print is perhaps what In Color has been doing longest. Since 1990 when we acquired our first Canon Color Laser Coper and Iris Graphics printer, In Color has been making creative designs that work technically in print. Just a couple years later, we purchased a Scitex Dolev PS imagesetter, with which we made hundreds of color separations monthly for international publications. Creating graphic designs that separate and print correctly requires an understanding of ink limits, trapping, bleeds, dot gain, builds, knockouts and overprints.

In Color can produce your graphic designs from start to finish, or we can work directly with your in-house designers to assist with the technicalities, so they can focus on the creative. For over ten years, we have been providing designs weekly to Nederlander Concerts, a company who runs dozens of newspaper ads with deadlines set in concrete. Sometimes working through the night is the only option to meet these types of deadlines, and In Color is there to offer this type of flexibility.

There are many creative talents who can make a design that looks great on their display. Most of our customers, however, apt for no-drama talent with the production experience to ensure the design works the first time on press with no costly surprises. Our extensive print experience includes both lithography and serigraphy. logo

In Color understands the sensitivity required to design a corporate identity. Sometimes you need to walk a tightrope between upper-management public relations, keeping everyone in a large organization happy. And sometimes you need to take the bull by the horns and shove through your favorite design to meet a firm deadline. In either case, you need a design team who can move quickly without an ego to make the changes you want on your schedule. This is where In Color fits in.

Cooperate identities and logos require a careful examination of your organization, ensuring the final design reflects the feeling you would like conveyed to your company's demographic clientele. Having gone through this process dozens of times, In Color is equipped with the skills and tools to take you comfortably through this process.

Content Management Systems

Though we've been programming websites since the late 1990's, In Color has focused on creating dynamic websites powered by Content Management Systems (CMS) since 2004. Since that time we have published several dozen such sites, some very high profile. Two of our sites, and  (UCSB Rec Sports), achieve daily traffic averaging nearly a thousand page views. The theater's site is composed of hundreds of pages while is composed of over a thousand.

Through the use of the CMS, In Color is able to construct beautiful, Web 2.0, dynamic sites quickly and efficiently, and the content can be added or modified directly by you, our clients. No more nickel-and-dimed-to-death bills from your webmaster every time you need to make a small change to your content. You can do it yourself, usually in less time than it would take to send a directive to someone else.

We utilize all the latest bells and whistles to maximize space and keep people’s attention. We can make your site hip and flashy, or conservative and clean, either way projecting an air of professionalism.

Take control of your content. Keep your website fresh and current. With a little help from In Color, it's almost as easy as using your email program.

Professional Photography

Through our sister company, A. Arthur Fisher Photography, In Color can add some serious bang to your project. Since our design services are coupled with in-house expert technical assistance along with creative professional photography, we offer a level of project control which translates into efficient productivity.A Arthur Fisher

Please take a moment to peruse our photography website: