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In Color has been providing digital graphic design since the 1980s. We have thirty years of experience working with the best tools that digital technology can offer. During our tenure, we have satisfied hundreds of clients, from small agencies to large corporations. Our graphic designs are not only technically sound, they are clever works of art.

Website Development

Website Development

In today's wired world, graphic designs live on the Internet. In the late 1990s, In Color began transitioning our print-centric, designed content to the world wide web. Although many of design's core tenents transfer easily, the web has its unique challenges. Fast-forward to the present, and the web has become our home.

Our programmers breathe and dream about their code. Optimizing our creations to work intelligently saves you time and money during the inevitable website updates. It's unavoidable that your information will change, so changeability is not an afterthought when we design.

Since we configure our own servers and utilize them throughout the design process, we are enabled a significant advantage in development speed. We use this same concept in optimizing for page-load speeds. Your site may need to utilize a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to minimize download speeds and maximize user satisfaction. We understand those challenges.

We develop our graphic designs with logic, optimized for visual and functional flexibility. It's not only how a design looks that's important. Designs need to work. And they'll need to work on into the future. That's our objective.

See our portfolio of websites.

Design for Print

Solstice Book

Design for print is what In Color has been doing longest. Since 1990 when we acquired our first Canon digital press and Iris Graphics printer, In Color has been making creative designs specifically for print. Just a couple years later, we purchased a Scitex imagesetter, with which we made hundreds of color separations monthly for international publications. Creating graphic designs that separate and print correctly requires an understanding of ink limits, trapping, bleeds, dot gain, builds, knockouts and overprints.

In Color can produce your graphic designs from start to finish, or we are happy to work directly with your in-house designers. We'll assist with the technicalities so that they can focus on their creativity.

There are plenty of creative artists who can make a design that looks great on their display; that doesn't mean it will print as intended. Most of our customers favor no-drama talent, with seasoned production experience. We ensure that designs work the first time on-press with no costly surprises. Our extensive print experience includes both lithography and serigraphy.

Corporate Identity & Logos


In Color understands the subtleties needed to produce a corporate identity. Sometimes we need to walk a tightrope between upper-management and public relations, keeping everyone in a large organization happy. Sometimes we need to take the bull by the horns and push through your favorite design to meet a deadline. In either case, you need a design team without an ego, who can move quickly to address your changes on your schedule. In Color fits in here.

Cooperate identities and logos require a careful examination of your organization, ensuring the final design projects or elicits a particular emotion. In Color understands this challenge immensely, and we are equipped with the experience and creativity to take you comfortably through the process.

Check out some of our favorite logo designs here.

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems

In 2004, In Color changed our programming focus toward dynamic websites, powered by Content Management Systems (CMS). Since that time we have published several dozen such sites, some very high profile. Two of our sites, and, achieve substantial daily traffic. Together, these websites compose hundreds of individual pages.

By utilizing the power of the modern CMS, In Color is able to construct beautiful, dynamic sites quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, we train our clients, enabling them to make their own updates. No more nickel-and-dimed-to-death bills from your webmaster when you require small updates to your content. Now you have the option of doing it yourself. Of course, we're always here to help if you need us.

Professional Photography

Professional Photography

Through our sister company, A. Arthur Fisher Photography, In Color can add some serious bang to your project. Since our design services are coupled with in-house expertise, along with creative professional photography, we offer a level of project control which translates into cost-efficient productivity.A Arthur Fisher

Please take a moment to peruse our photography website:

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